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Flexible Payment Planning

"Do I need an event or wedding planner,

or designer?"

That depends on several things:

If you have lots of time, are extremely organized, and have very supportive & available family and friends, you might not need a wedding planner. You WILL want someone to be the go-to on your special day so that you can relax and enjoy every minute.


"OK, I have lots of time. But I'm not sure I know what to do."

Circle Celebrations can help you create a personalized project list and time line with your budget in mind. The alternative is to do some on line research. The Knot, Bridal Guide and Wedding planning are some sites to check for great tips.

But nothing beats working with someone who knows local resources. Even if you have lots of time, preventing stress and having a creative expert working for you are two more good reasons to hire a planner.


The Wedding Aisle
"Organization is my middle name. I've got a Pinterest site and know exactly what I want. Would having a Coordinator make a difference?"


A Wedding Coordinator can help you organize your wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.  He or she insures that details like a missing guest book or spilled punch don't keep you from partying with your guests. An experienced Planner can steer you around problems before they happen. Making great memories with family and friends starts with having someone who will be there to make sure the day goes the way you planned it. You want to focus on the experience and enjoy every moment of your celebration. Let Circle Celebrations take care of all the details.



Wedding Cake
"My best friend says she can be the go-to person at our reception.  She knows what I want."

This is certainly one solution. However, your friend will also want to help you celebrate. If she gets involved and forgets something, will that affect your friendship?  Will she know what to do if there is a problem?  Delegating even uncomplicated tasks like keeping the event on schedule takes the pressure off family and friends so they can focus on the fun.


Bride and groom holding hands
"I know I want help. I would rather just show up at our wedding. All I really care about is picking out my dress and planning for the honeymoon. What do I have to do?"

You're in luck! Contact us today to reserve your date.

Circle Celebrations and Events can

  • design the entire day,

  • help schedule meetings with vendors (florist, caterer, photographer) and

  • even get the invitations addressed and ready to send, then track your RSVPs and

  • confirm that everyone is on the same page.

And we can organize your team from set up through clean up so all you need to do is come to the party! That's our customized planning and coordination package (Full service wedding planning requires between 100-200 hours at $30/hour)

Email /call or text Karen @ 541.979.3722


"One more thing. Since I'm on a limited budget, what is the most cost effective way to hire a wedding coordinator?"

Most Wedding coordinators will give you a free consultation. Share your concerns and discuss your needs. You can find Circle Celebrations and Events on Facebook, or text us.

You may be pleasantly surprised at your options!

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