Circle Celebrations: the back story


Maybe this is the first time you even heard of Celebrations and Events - and that's OK. I hope we can get to know each other better. Here's the short version of my story.


It begins a looong time ago: before the Astoria bridge was built and even before Lloyd's Center opened! When Mama met Daddy, she was a church secretary. Daddy came to a dinner at the church with his sister so Mama thought they were a couple. Once they got things sorted out, they discovered they had more than their faith in common.


Daddy finished his college degree after they married. His career as a Christian school teacher meant we moved every couple of years. As funding went, so did the job.  We learned to be creative with what we had. Mama could make a can of Spam seem like a treat.


Those years are full of good memories. And they definitely shaped me into who I am. I love to make something from "nothing". Creativity was nurtured along with my Christian faith. And like Daddy, I became a teacher. Along the way, I learned to work hard, value others, and have a sense of humor.


Event planning sometimes seems like a not-so-logical next step and I wonder, "How did I get myself into this?" God is still teaching me to depend on Him. How better to take the ingredients of my life and produce an on-going celebration? I get to encourage and share in the lives of some pretty amazing people!


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