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Wedding Planning 101 - What's your "Why"?

Until you know your "why", the odds are you will feel overwhelmed with all the Pinterest possibilities and wedding site wonders.

The ideas are incredible and exciting, but 90% or more won't apply to your situation. So to start with, focus on WHY you are planning this once-in-a-life time, every-detail-matters event.

WHY are you doing this? Do you want to have a celebration that people are talking about for the next years? Or do you dream of all your nearest and dearest sharing your love story? Would your rather disappear to a quiet place in the woods because your ideal wedding is the two of you and your very best buds?

When you know why, you will be able to choose who and where with a lot less stress. When will become easier to decide. The how remains. (We will talk about that on another post.) All the little decisions that make up your perfect event will come together if you can remember your why.

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