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Wedding Planning: the big picture

After you are sure of your "why", the fun can begin! Now you get to design how your event will look/feel/be remembered.

What is most important to you and your fiancée? When you think about what your day will be like, what do you imagine? Deciding on a theme or color scheme is a start to making that vision a reality. (But you don’t want to get wrapped up in making everything match. Remember the finger-painted “masterpiece” that ended up being muddy brown because it was so much fun to keep adding?)

Deciding on your focus will help to keep you on track and on budget. Being aware of your limitations is part of the picture, too.

What are your “must haves”? Does that mean an extraordinary location, fantastic food, an amazing photographer, or important guests? Your budget should reflect your priorities. In other words, you will probably spend a greater percentage of your funds on what is important to you.

You can find lots budget guides on line. Remember they are tools. Apply with your own creativity and know that as you work through planning as a couple, it is great practice for your “forever after”.

The best budget stretching advice I can offer is to focus your decor resources on the ceremony backdrop (unless it’s already fabulous), the cake table and the entrances. If you spend your decorating funds there, the impact will be major and memorable. Everything else is pretty much icing on the cake - & “naked cakes” are still trending!

Do consider how you can delegate. DIY doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself. Hire a day of planner to take the stress off if you can. Ask family and friends to lend a hand. Then have fun and make some great memories!

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