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"Bring it"

2017 is here. If you are wearing a brand new engagement ring, you have extra reasons to look forward to the new year!

There will be sharing and shopping and showers much excitement!

You may have been dreaming of this for so long that your wedding is already half planned. Or you may feel thrown into a whirlwind that is both wonderful and dreadful.

Some brides discover, much to their horror, that the MIL also has strong ideas about everything wedding related. Sometimes it's even her own mom. Casual acquaintances share opinions, too. It's as if the engagement ring on your finger is a beacon to any one who has ever had anything to do with a wedding and they are quick to share advice, or gory details about celebrations gone wrong.

If you suspect that you could be facing those challenges too, here are three ways to survive - and conquer!

1. Know what you want (and don't want)

If you and your soon-to-be mate have decided on the basics (budget and focus), it will be much less stressful when someone tries to hijack your plans. (See #2 and 3)

2. Establish your life line(s)

As exciting as wedding planning is, there will definitely be times when you feel ready to elope or run away screaming. Who is on your team that can carry the ball or run interference if needed?

a) Your partner - if you aren't already good at watching each other's backs, this is prime time to practice. Most opposition can be overcome when either one of you answers, "________ and I are still deciding/have already decided. Thank you for the suggestion."

b) Your attendants - it's their role to be there for you. Some will be more available than others. Hopefully, you chose them because they will support you and have time to help.

c) Your wedding expert - who can you call when you need an answer or are out of ideas? Your wedding planner is someone you can count on! He or she is dedicated to supporting you through the entire process. (If you hired someone for "day of" duty, find out before you sign a contract just what that means.)

3. Recognize when to let it go and/or just smile

This is your day, but there are a lot of others coming along for the ride and they care, too. If you have solved #1 and 2, letting others help won't be as traumatic. In fact, it can be an opportunity to know and bond with new family members or to honor significant people who have been part of your support group all along.

A wedding planner (aka wedding designer or wedding coordinator) may wear many hats. He or she can help you come up with a workable budget, design the look and feel of your celebration, keep track of RSVPs (and make follow up calls) or be the go-to troubleshooter for the day of the wedding.

Call or text Circle Celebrations, 541-979-3722, to schedule a free session & find out how we can help.

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