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Event Designer, Wedding Planner or ??

You have a party to plan. At first, that seemed like a wonderful adventure. But all the loose ends are starting to unravel! In fact, there are sooo many details they are keeping you up at night.

What to do? Maybe you need an expert assistant!

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An Event -wedding or party- planner can help to make sense of all the details, from managing your vendor team to keeping track of the budget and the invitation list. A "day of" planner is at the event from start to finish and will be sure that everything goes as you intended.

An Event planner & designer takes things a huge step further by evaluating your tastes and goals and collecting resources. This person will be sure that your event is something special - and you won't have to spend hours looking for the right place to celebrate or the perfect ribbon to tie the favors!

Some Wedding and Event planners are "full service", meaning they take care of the details of your celebration from start to finish. They usually work with a team to produce a memorable occasion. They may manage everything from designing invitations to cleaning up after the party.

Karen, of Circle Celebrations and Events, holds a certificate in Wedding and Event Planning from the New York Institute of Art and Design. She recently completed a course in Wedding and Event Design from the Event Leadership Institute. She is experienced in designing and planning a large variety of personal and corporate celebrations.

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