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7 Simple Money Saving Wedding Tips

Weddings can be extremely expensive. But you can celebrate your day in style.

Wedding centerpiece with candles and beads

Here are some tips to help keep your wedding expenses in line:

Guest List � Cutting the size of your guest list is the most effective cost cutting tool - and perhaps the hardest. Remember that you will be paying "per head" for everything from postage to place settings. Even space requirements are affected by how many guests you invite. See related posts under <wedding budget>

Wedding gown � You may be able to borrow a gown from a family member. Also search online for a lightly used gown (do check return policy, in case the dress isn't what you thought it was!) or visit a second hand store. You can even rent a wedding dress. New or worn, remember to add alterations into your budget.

Bouquets � Choose flowers that are grown locally and in season. Creating a bundle using the same flower instead of a mixed bouquet makes a beautiful impact. Or check out big box options and on line.

Dinner � To keep expenses down, what you choose to serve is as important as how it is served. Buffets are popular but because more food is needed, sometimes a plated dinner actually is more cost effective. Weigh that against not needing to pay extra wait staff for a buffet. Or plan a party that doesn't include dinner.

Centerpieces � They don't need to match each other, but repetition is important: pick a theme or color to tie everything together. A customized assortment is a popular choice. It may be possible to borrow special pieces from friends and family. (Just be sure to anchor anything breakable and have a plan to get the items back to their rightful owners.)

Wedding cake �Instead of expensive hand-molded flowers, decorate your cake with fresh cut flowers. (They do need to be organic or added to the cake with a barrier to keep pesticides away from food.) You can display a small wedding cake, to have something beautiful for "cake cutting", then serve a sheet cake to your guests. Or, skip the wedding cake and offer another special, more affordable, dessert instead.

Music � A DJ or iPod playlist instead of live music can save so much money. There are pros and cons to each choice. See related blog posts for more ideas.

You can have a be beautiful wedding on a budget. Be prepared to think creatively to find less expensive options and get the results you want. Circle Celebrations and Events is expert at finding budget-friendly options to stretch your wedding dollars.

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