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7 Valentines Un-Party Ideas

(updated with COVID safe activities, 2021)

Pink and red hearts

Wishing for something a little less "mushy" and predictable for Valentines Day?

Here are 7 ideas.

Share the Love: Put together care packages and deliver them to your local homeless shelter. Items to include could be wet wipes, chap stick, instant hand warmers, facial tissues, and of course, some valentine candy or cookies.

Galentines Chocolate Tasting Party: Plan an evening of delicious fun with your friends. (You can pick a date other than February 14.) Hand deliver invitations attached to a chocolate bar. Ask everyone to package their favorite chocolates or a new, can't wait to try variety, to share like an old fashioned cookie exchange. You'll need to be the delivery person: pick up the collections and deliver to each of your guests if you don't have a central place to do the drop off. Set a Zoom time to share your tasting experience.

Take it to the Office: Show some love for your co-workers. This year you probably won't leave out a plate of heart shaped cookies or a bowl full of conversation hearts, but you can offer a collection of wrapped candies or float a few helium filled red and pink balloons by the water cooler. Celebrating is a good way to help beat the winter blahs!

Simply Loved Family Dinner: Order a heart shaped take out pizza, serve with wine (for adults) , juice or milk (for the kids) and finish with a big heart-sprinkled scoop of ice cream. Take ten minutes for everyone to tell something they love about being family.

Rekindle Sweet Memories: Buy a dozen roses and anonymously deliver stems to shut ins you know. Or hand them out one by one to people you see every day.

Treasure Hunt: This one takes a bit more time to plan but it is adaptable to any party group, from your significant other to a family with children. The treasure is up to you, but will certainly include hearts and chocolate! Safe social distancing is recommended.

My Own True Love: Take a night out to pamper yourself. Put on a romantic movie, curl up with a good book, or take a candlelight bubble bath. Indulge yourself for an evening.

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