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The BEST Party

What makes a really great party? Have you been thinking about throwing a party for someone special? Does the thought of planning it make you crazy?

Give yourself a high 5 for the thought, take a deep breath, and let's do this!

First, think about the person the party will be celebrating. What do they want? If a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant is more their style than a big bash with "everyone", set your course for that. If they do love a big deal, consider asking some of the other people that are important in their life to help. As the party host, you can decide what parts you want to keep and which to share or delegate.

Next, consider your budget. Will others be willing to pitch in, or is it all on you? Knowing the bottom line will help you to say "enough" before you are overdrawn. The cost of the event includes paying for the location, if it's not at a private home, the food, decorations and probably a gift. Transportation and parking may also need to be included. It's a good idea to leave a buffer of about 10% because there's always something unexpected.

Plan to spend most of your attention and resources on whatever will please your guest of honor. He or she may not care at all about the decorations. Or dessert may be a big deal and the rest not so much. Will pictures be important? Or will you focus more on a great play list?

Okay, now make some lists. Start with guests, menu ideas, and notes about possible activities. Are surprises welcome? Or will a carefully scheduled event make them smile?

Give yourself a good pep talk: this can be done one bit at a time. Put activities on the calendar with enough time for each item: shopping, invitations, set up, etc.

You can give a great party and maybe even enjoy the process. Just break things down into small steps. Remember WHY you are doing it. Ask for help*, if you need it. And put your heart into making the party special because you care about this person. You're gonna make some great memories!

*A professional party planner can give you tips and tricks, help with finding what you need - or take over the whole thing so you can just celebrate. Consider your peace of mind along with your enthusiasm for the project.

If you live in the Willamette Valley, Circle Celebrations would love to assist. Contact Karen by text: 541-979-3733 or email:

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