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About Circle Celebrations

Circle Celebrations isn't a celebrity planning service, but we'll gladly make you the star of the show. We never forget it's YOUR party!

We are just regular people who love to help other people celebrate.

And we're good at it! Picking a great team will make the difference between surviving your party and pulling off a memorable experience.

Sure, "anybody" can throw a party. Just like anybody can play basketball or cook a meal or cut hair. You probably agree that things turn out better with training and practice.

I've been practicing for many years, designing parties and weddings for family and friends. It was so much fun for me that when my last boss asked for party planner recommendations, I volunteered my services immediately! And the business was born.

Improving my "serve" is important. A Wedding and Event Planning course from New York Institute of Art and Design was followed with more training from Event Leadership Institute, Event Pro and others. I stay up-to-date with on line research, subscriptions to event planning groups, and interactions with professionals. Listening to clients and lots of practice polishes that service.

Circle Celebrations will help you maximize your resources and creativity. We work to make your special event turn out the way you want it, not tell you how you "should" do it. But we are always ready with innovative suggestions and professional guidance if you wish.

Call or text today to find out how we can help you throw a fantastic party, one that makes memories for all the best reasons: 541-979-3722


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