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Wedding Registry Tips

Do you know how to use a wedding registry? Here are some tips to get what you want and need:

Before you Register

• Decide what you would like to set up housekeeping or to get a good start on marriage

This is something you can (should) decide with your partner

• Pick 3 or 4 different registries

Start with different price points (combination of “average” and high)

◦ Choose different categories (kitchen/bedroom/household or experiences/travel)

◦ Have at least one brick and mortar - as an option for those who don't want to shop on line or are avoiding shipping. This can benefit you, too, because travelers and price conscious shoppers can give a larger gift and have it shipped to a local store for free pick up when they get to your wedding area

• Decide how to share the information

on your wedding website

◦ in shower invitations

◦ word-of-mouth (aka “Mom”)

◦ please – NOT in the wedding invitation – Yes, it's done, but it can seem like asking for gifts instead of “the pleasure of your company”

While You are Registered

• Start early

As soon as you are engaged, register somewhere because friends may want to gift you to celebrate

◦ Send thank you notes* as gifts arrive

• Refresh regularly

About once a month, update your lists. As people begin to buy gifts, those who haven't still want choices

◦ During the last 6 weeks, check your registries more often. Be sure there are options or risk getting more random gifts.

After the Wedding

•You may have opportunities to “complete” a collection

◦ with gift credit from returns

◦ with a discount

• Remember those thank-you's!

* As soon as you have engagement photos, consider having a favorite or two made into postcards or note cards to use for your thank-yous

Have more ideas? Please share!


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