Do you cost less than other planners?

Great question. We are all a bit suspicious if something costs less than we expect.

But we do love a bargain.

Of course you want your celebration to be special and stretch the dollars as far as possible.

You picture your guests saying how nice everything looks and raving about the great food. They’ll post a picture or two somewhere about how much fun your party was.

You probably already know that throwing a party is hard work! You can see yourself running around, trying to hurry the DJ back from his break and helping someone find a misplaced item and reminding the caterer which items are low and tactfully re-directing guests blocking traffic in the hallway.

Perhaps you started decorating at dawn and have hardly eaten anything all day.

And just thinking about how to get it done is stressing you out. Yes, you are throwing a great party but too busy to visit with your guests and too stressed to enjoy anything yourself.

And you don't want to be an exhausted hostess.

Those are all good reasons to hire a planner.

Together, we may be able to come up with some wonderful solutions and still stay on your budget.

Contact Karen @Circle Celebrations today to find out how.

Text or call 541.979.3722

PS: Because I can keep my costs low, I'm delighted to pass the savings on to you.

I LOVE what I do - that's a reward in itself!

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