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Why does Circle Celebrations Wedding Planning cost less?

updated April 2021

We all are a bit suspicious if something costs less than we expect it to. But we do love a bargain!

Of course you want your celebration to be special but maybe you need to stretch the dollars as far as possible.

To answer your question, our cost is lower because we are counting on your people to help. Usually family pitches in and the wedding party is available for set up. We don't have to hire a big team because you have amazing people that will lend a hand. Karen is there to keep everyone on track so you don't have to worry. And it all comes together just like you imagined.

Ir's a good idea to hire a planner. We help with coordination so you can celebrate without worrying about the details. Full service or cutting costs, we'll support your vision.

Together, we may be able to come up with some wonderful solutions and still stay on your budget.

Contact Karen @Circle Celebrations today to find out how.

Text or call 541.979.3722

PS: Because I can keep my costs low, I'm delighted to pass the savings on to you.

I LOVE what I do - that's a reward in itself!

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