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Boredom Busters for Spring Break

50 Ideas for kids on Spring Break

Enjoying Spring Break with the kids may seem like an oxymoron

Do you have your own list of things to get done, or are you dreading the inevitable "Mom, what can I do??"?

Here are 50 things *that will keep the kids busy* (some require adult participation) and help make Spring Break fun for everyone. And most are not on electronic devices!

*If you want the printable, email, subject line Ask.

We'll send it right over!

  1. Take a trip to the library to stock up on books: stories and crafts

  2. Have a treasure hunt - could be a clean out in disguise (find 3 things for the trash. See #23)

  3. Make your own board game

  4. Write a letter to a distant cousin or grandparent

  5. Put on a play

  6. Visit a park - or two

  7. Play store: collect things to “sell” and set up shop

  8. Make a fort: blankets or boxes

  9. Make puzzles from old calendar pages

  10. Take a day trip to a museum, the beach, or a friend’s house

  11. Bake cookies (or make a no-bake recipe)

  12. Make a surprise sack (text me at 541-979-3722 and I'll send an easy "how to")

  13. Write a book

  14. Draw pictures to illustrate the book

  15. Play a (group) board game

  16. Practice secret codes

  17. Play dress up - and take pictures

  18. Do something nice for someone (One of their chores? Pull some weeds?)

  19. Make play clay

  20. Have an indoor picnic

  21. Stay up late/have a pajama party

  22. Have a backwards day: start with a bedtime story, then a snack, (rewind the day) and end with breakfast.

  23. Have a clean your room day. Try to find 2 things you haven’t played with for a while, 3 things you’ve outgrown, 4 things to pass on, 5 things to throw away, 6 things to put away.

  24. Take time to talk about what you want to do for Easter/Spring/this next month. Make some decorations

  25. Have a race (doing chores, getting dressed, or crab-walking)

  26. Do a crossword puzzle (print one or make your own)

  27. Use some sidewalk chalk to write friendship notes on the sidewalk in front of your house.

  28. Take flowers (or a handmade card) to a neighbor

  29. Learn a new game

  30. Make a coupon book and give it to someone in your family

  31. Day dream

  32. Use the craft book you got at the library

  33. Read!

  34. Record someone reading a story. Use sound effects

  35. Plan a party/play date

  36. Draw plans for a garden or flower bed (real or fantasy)

  37. Decorate rocks

  38. Hide the rocks for someone else to find and enjoy

  39. Add to a collection; take time to reorganize or refresh it

  40. Learn how to do something new on YouTube: juggle, yodel or a magic trick?

  41. Play with bubbles

  42. Paint a picture

  43. Make a paper chain to count down the days ‘til Easter, or vacation, or?

  44. Ride bikes, skateboard, or play catch - get outside if the weather permits.

  45. What about music? Listen, dance, or make your own

  46. Roll some socks into balls and have an indoor snowball fight

  47. Take a bubble bath - stay and play a while

  48. Remember “Cootie catchers” ? Make a few and trade them with a friend.

  49. Write a thank you note to someone who has been kind to you

  50. Make popcorn and watch a movie together

  51. Add your own ideas to this list

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