Shopping for Your Wedding Gown

So many choices! How do you decide on a wedding gown?

Bride is strapless wedding gown

Knowing what you think you want gives you a place to start. The journey is an exciting one for most brides. It means days of visiting salons and nights of searching on line or flipping through the latest Brides magazine.

And it can be overwhelming!

What About Style? Are you dreaming of a very modern wedding, set in a loft with minimal embellishments? Then you probably shouldn't pick a frilly ballgown. The style of your dress needs to complement the vibe of your wedding unless you want to create an uncomfortable mix. Most bridal shops will offer you a variety of flattering style selections - and some of those may not be even close to what you thought you liked. Don't be afraid to experiment a little. Experienced staff can recommend; the final choice is still yours.