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Bridal Show 411

Take address/preprinted labels so you don't wear your hand out signing up for all the information.

Set up a special email address just to collect all the stuff you will be sent. That way it won't overwhelm your "real" in box.

Check the website ahead of time to get the schedule (you don't want to miss the fashion show, do you?) and maybe even a coupon or discount.

Don't go early. The crowd will thin out near the end of the day - and be even smaller near the end of the show. Near closing, vendors may discount inventory instead of having to pack it up. If they ran out, they will likely be glad to get more for you.

Do be ready to walk away from anyone who insists that you sign up "now" or lose out. Your heart will tell you whether it's something you've already wished for or if it's an extravagant add on. You want to work with people who are thinking of your best interests instead of pushing you to buy.

Overwhelmed? Karen at Circle Celebrations in Albany, Oregon is an experienced wedding planner. She can help you sort out the details. Call or text 541-979-3722.

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